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Taking myself offline to be with my family this week.  Have a wonderful week observing and experiencing the physical existence while I’m away.   May you be in the flow of the Creative always.

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Points of Appreciation

  • I have remained relatively balanced thus far through the potential for unwanted change
  • I am challenged to find the goodness in the heart of my enemy
  • I am encouraged to seek those who can help me
  • I have a book that has notes in the margins that resonate with my own beliefs
  • I arranged a piece of music in which my wife and youngest child sang
  • I feel safe, happy,  and loved
  • Tomorrow will be a good day to ride my bicycle

Up On Summer Hill

The summer breeze skips and dances
Lightly over the crest of the hill

Sighing contentedly in the leaves
Wizened scrub oak, juniper, brambles

Life springing up from solid rock
To seek sun and drink rain

Flowers bloom fresh and new
Beauty in bright colors radiating joy of life

Gracing our existence for this moment
As we pause in passing to notice

We sit on rocks and close our eyes
Absorbing the sunshine and peace

Of a breeze in the flowers
On a summer hilltop

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What My Poetry Means

Beauty reflected in a droplet
On the underside of a leaf
My heart’s teardrop suspended
On the cusp of an upended landscape
Pieces of me appended

Taking dictation of the unspoken
Listening to what you do not say
Imagining gestures in a conversation
Overheard in a room in another city
On another day
In another language

That there is a fundamental
Between you and me
Resonating as
Between voice and glass

In the groaning of the timbers
When I bring this ship of words around
Under full sail
Tack against the wind

I cannot be silent
I will not be silent

What the pictures in your mind
Say it means

Click here to hear an audio recording of this poem.

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Contemplating Slam

As the National Poetry Slam approaches and my anticipation grows, I am inspired to write more poetry, read more poetry … it’s like a gravity well occurring in my neighborhood.   The event horizon reaches back into the past from the future where it currently resides, grabs me by the soul and squeezes poetry out of me.  It moves me to seek out poetry and poets.

It’s a good thing.

The slam will be in multiple venues in Boston and Cambridge.  I will be at some of them.  I will let you know which ones so you can stalk me if you like.  I will definitely be at the final-finals at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston on Saturday, August 13th.

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Sultry clarity

Opposite presence

Understanding meaning

Brilliant nature

Sensate joining

Water rushing

Enveloping interest

Open validation

Extended play

Liquid presence

Opposite meaning

Distant tenderness

Spirit recognition

Mutual reflection

Open interest

Orbiting energy

Deferential control

Liquid clarity

Light play

Deep return

Reticent passion

Spiritual play

Sultry validation

Extended presence

Resilient desire

Unexpected clarity

Distant attraction

Calm attendance

Entropic meaning

Light presence

Enveloping reflection

Natural brilliance

Sultry presence

Present opposites

Mysterious interest

Meaning understanding

Sensate premise

Clearly enveloped

Present meaning

Entropic opposite

Play premise

Resilient desire

Naturally sultry

Intriguing liquid

Tender extension

Understanding interest

Brilliant meaning

Spiritual permanence

Rushing water

Transcending entropy

Culminating meaning

Knowing the envelope

Premise of desire

Click here to hear an audio recording of this poem.  

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Writing and Reading

Yes, I know it is supposed to be “Reading and Writing,” but we poets usually do it more in the reverse.  So I wrote the poem about my experience with the tree in the park and placed it HERE.  Then I read it aloud and posted the reading HERE.

Having my own little virtual individual slam.   You can judge if you like.  Give me a score between one and ten.  Decimals are okay.