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Points of Appreciation

August 31, 2011 Leave a comment
  • I am valued at my job.
  • I have five days off beginning tomorrow.
  • My family keeps me very busy.
  • I am firmly redirected when necessary.
  • I have opportunities to be generous and responsible.
  • After 4,000 miles since the last tune-up, I brought my bicycle in for a complete overhaul at a good bike shop.  They called me today to say it’s ready 🙂

Feeling Poetic

August 28, 2011 4 comments

Not sure what it is, this feeling, these pictures insinuating themselves on my psyche, demanding that their stories be told.

One of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver, thinks of herself as a reporter rather than a poet.  I can relate.  When I try to fabricate something to write a poem about, it never works.  There must be some outside influence, some inspiring factor that provides the impetus to express, imagine, emote and compose.

Sure, I organize the thoughts.  But the organization is approved elsewhere.

Call it my muse, a connection with Spirit, the finger of the Almighty writing on my heart, it forces me to see, to picture, to stumble over phrases worthy to frame this feeling, this emotion, this vision.

Who- or whatever you are, thank you.

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August 27, 2011 Leave a comment

In your aquarium you glide so gracefully
Often hiding inside the sunken castle
Behind the pirate ship or the big rock
Or some damn place out of sight

Sometimes, though, you come out
Wave your pretty tail in my face
Undulating your jeweled body
Swiveling your lidless eye at me

I sprinkle the surface with verse
You consume eagerly
Maybe even greedily
With a little splash and thrash

You regard me for a moment after
Eyes swiveling to take me in
Then dart away again
Back to your hiding places

Once in a while you jump up
Capture me in a bubble
Abduct me into your world
As an encapsulated guest

You show me a couple of rocks
I sense they are part of a greater meaning
One is blue and one is green
But that’s all I ever know

The bubble pops and I find myself
On the floor in a puddle
My head in a muddle
And you once again in hiding


Click here to hear.  

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Points of Appreciation

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment
  • More poets are sending me more poetry
  • Relatively cool, sunny days for bicycling to work
  • I am currently instrumental in the blossoming of others – first, my wife as she starts a business as a meditation leader; second, as an editor who inspired an accomplished poet to write fiction
  • Lessons on advanced appreciation are coming to me
  • I am excelling at my day job

Carol Hamilton at Eye On Life

August 22, 2011 Leave a comment

This week at Eye On Life Online Magazine we’re featuring former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma, Carol Hamilton.  She sent us five poems and we enjoyed them all so we published them.  I hope you’ll stop by and read her work.

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The Wordless Stars and the Empty Sky

August 18, 2011 Leave a comment

As the light fades to golden, the daily gift

Of dusk that gently ends a sunny day

Gilds everything with a nostalgic glow

Of satisfied.

The blue sky gives way

Slowly, in a reluctant letting-go

As if parting with its beloved

With a slight ripping of the heart

To know true darkness.

For in the absence of the sun

The day ceases its existence.

Only elsewhere is it day anymore.

The sky, bereft its solar glow

Waits while only distant stars

And the remembrance candle moon

Mitigate what otherwise would be isolation.

Anything but a sky might feel desperation.

For, though fair, celestial beauties spare no heat

For the far removed and incomplete.

Releasing the hand of my beloved

I watch the light slowly fade from these illusions

Leaving them as transparent as I

Walking these empty ways, seeking

In vain the warmth I dreamt.

Twinkling in perception’s vaulted dark

Unreachable bright pin points mark

A fake sky where sadness clung and passion burned

And the world made every appearance that it turned.

Content in mysteries, I’ll not ask why

From the wordless stars and empty sky.


— Click here to hear.  

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The Mall

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

In the quiet dawn of what is

Though my heart is a brick

I will be grateful

Though these days are like an endless shopping mall

Filled with many things I do not want

I will be grateful

Because I know they are not endless

And we must be grateful

For the temporary

For the moment

That we will never see again

And this mall

Though shiny and offensive with its cheap wealth

Proffering all the tools of the masquerade

That around this mall parades –

Costumes to create the appearance of beauty

Scents to mask the smell of sickness

Shiny objects to distract the eye from the truth

A miracle bra for the woman

A pair of socks for the boy to put in his pants

Everything a person could want

To hide that for which they are most ashamed

And the animal fat of its so-called “food court”

Where I can ingest obesity and disease

Where the recipes

All have as the main ingredient

“Life-long tortured animal”

And every bite

Is filled with animal hate and fear

I know somewhere in here

There is something for me

Something that I want

I know because I made this mall

I know there is someone kind

Who will take my hand

And walk with me right the fuck out of here

No, wait, never mind

I’ll get my own ass up and walk out of here

Thank you

Out to where the forecast says

There is a one hundred percent chance

Of real

Every single day

Where I can wake up to what is

With a beating, open heart

Grateful I had the chance

To go to the mall

And come back home

To the quiet dawn

Of what is


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