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January 28, 2013 Leave a comment

stonewall7Practicing detachment, life’s changes become positive points of interest rather than negative points of stress.  One can observe with innocence and wonder as changes manifest, as if watching a living thing grow and change in time-lapse photography; or one can watch with horror as the people and things one is attached to transform themselves into other people and things before our very eyes.  It is a choice, though a difficult one, to decide to let go of what and whom we love, although as we contemplate life we see it is really not a choice between clinging and letting go, because everything and everyone changes whether we cling to them or not.

Current changes for me – besides the usual changes of aging and time – are a much bigger work load at my day job and the ebb and flow of the tides of playing music.  Our band, Unclaimed Freight, that plays popular music is busy now whereas the Klezjam Jazz Project and Klezjam, the Klezmer band are both temporarily shelved.   This gives me a chance to play tastier licks to Amy Winehouse and B.B. King covers instead of my original stuff and pieces like Miami Beach Rhumba and I Can’t Get Started.  Interesting.  I played a pretty good solo the other night.  I’ll see if I can get permission to share it with you.

In poetry, Erren Geraud Kelly is back at Eye On Life this week as the annual Eye On Life Poetry Contest 2013 closes competition on January 31.  Winners will be announced in February.


Fifteen Days Left to Enter the EOL Poetry Contest

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment

pin60aI’ve been very busy so have been a bit remiss in my huckstering of our great small poetry contest at Eye On Life Online Magazine.   Great, because contestants have a great chance to win the $100 First Prize, $50 Second Prize or a book of poetry for Third Prize.   The small is what makes it great, because as contests go, there are relatively few contestants in ours, hence the great odds.  Small great, great small, it’s all good to me.

Elsewhere I’ve been doing a lot of music with the Klezjam Jazz Project sessions.   We are doing a lot of different – and I mean different – kinds of music there.  One example is this Sephardi-Jewish-North African-Arabic love song called Chihlet L’Ayani.  We do some swing stuff and Latin stuff, too.   I’ll probably have some more to post later.

Ultimately I’d like to do something like the salsa I recently wrote, but that’s down the road a bit.

This week at Eye On Life we have new poetry from Diane Webster  and Donal Mahoney.  Stop by and read their work.  It’s good.