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Lounge Lizard

December 30, 2014 2 comments



At Eye On Life,  Rosa Farrington’s poem ” #ferguson” created a bit of a stir, attracting some comments.  While our poets attract a fair number of readers, few of the readers comment, so this was new and refreshing.  Over the Christmas holiday Donal Mahoney favored us with some very interesting poems as well, and what the hell I also threw one into the mix for good measure.

A note to poetry submitters to Eye On Life:  please submit only works that have not been published elsewhere.  The first thing I do with a poetry submission is paste the first few lines into a Google search and see what comes up.  If the poem comes up on or whatever, I have to reject it.   This goes for your blog, too.  If it is already on your blog, readers really do not have a reason to read it at Eye On Life.  Okay, enough bitching.  On with the show – or is it one with the show? Hmmmm…

Musically I am continuing to compose and lyricize, and will venture back to the Lizard Lounge with a couple of musicians (to be finalized) from The Rubenoff Project.   Two songs in ten minutes and a chance at performing a third tune in the final round if chosen.  If you’re in the Harvard Square – Porter Square, Cambridge area on Monday, January 19th at around 8:30 pm, please stop by and cheer (or boo).

My second favorite tune from the Lilypad was “You Locator.”  We’ll probably reprise that at the Lizard Lounge.



After The Lilypad

December 19, 2014 Leave a comment


The Rubenoff Project at The Lilypad in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was an unqualified success in large part because of the support of the Temple Ohabei Shalom community, but also because of the joy with which my fellow musicians performed.  ( If you like you can hear our closing number here.)

The Lilypad was an excellent choice as a venue for our first-ever gig.  Rent is reasonable and their quality recording services allowed us to come away with a useable demo as well as some memories to make us smile.  The people there are friendly and helpful and I recommend them to any group looking for a venue.

With this success behind us we will be looking at learning some new tunes and appearing at a new venue sometime in the not-so-distant future.

In other news, submissions continue steady at The Poetry Locksmith, welcoming new and familiar voices alike.  Be sure to stop by and check out work by Rosa Farrington, Donal Mahoney, Gil Hoy and J.K. Durick.