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Interesting Times

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

I am a very busy person.  🙂

Changes at work have given my hardware genius side new challenges and perks.  What I do now is much more like editing – in this case orders for hardware – and also I do some assigning of tasks.  I have new co-workers, too, whom I am finding enjoyable additions to my work environment.

At Eye On Life Online Magazine I discuss techniques on how to write poetry for emotional release and at the same time engage an audience.  Also there is new poetry by Donal Mahoney and Cara Losier Chanoine, so please stop by and read some exceptional poetry and if you have time, my article.

The two bands in which I play trombone, Unclaimed Freight and Klezjam, both have upcoming events.  I have approached members of Klezjam to work with me on playing a jazz night, perhaps at a local restaurant, where I hope to perform a couple of my original works.  If there are ever recordings available I’ll certainly post links here.

It has been a long time since I wrote music for jazz band.  I am having fun.


Miracle of Light

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

The miracle of light
Cannot be heard or felt
Tasted or smelt
Day or night

Electromagnetic radiation
Detected by a bio-mechanism
Sensing waves or packages
Depending on whom you ask
Resonance frequency
Photons or amplitude

Projected through optic gelatin
Onto reactive internal flesh
Upside down, turned right side up
In the mysterious brain
Organic and therefore unique
Each image in the eye of the beholder

Color, brightness, darkness
Shadows cast
Tone and hue
(Me and you)
Infrared or ultraviolet

Dispersion of light
Propagated through
A pyramid of cut glass
Or a belt of water droplets
At an angle of deviation
A degree of refraction
Fractured into a spectrum

Deceiving appearances
Glare and mirage
Ghost image
Optical illusion
Shadow puppets
Peripheral vision
Thought I saw

Subjective selection
Striking the eye
With particles particularly pleasing
Perceiving a curve of rosy reflection
Color of blood filtered through
Skin we somehow judge as beautiful
Through some animal chemical reaction
The very inception of misperception

Seeing you over there
I would have never suspected
The ultimate reality where
We are all connected
So I hope you can sympathize
As now I feel the fool
To have failed to realize
That you are so beautiful

cristina tnx

October 8, 2012 1 comment

cristina i luv u

do u luv me 2?

pls say u do

u r 2 me all

in luv do i fall

pls pls pls pls call

i am all 4 u

2 u i’ll b tru

i kno u luv me 2

tnx cristina tnx

tnx 4 d spanks

my beans r w/ d franks

u kno i luv u luv

lk frm heaven abuv

bt can we meet some other way

than just txtng evry day?


(There is nothing like wooing via smart phone with the predictive text shut off.)

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