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New Poems, New Season

August 30, 2012 Leave a comment

As we approach Labor Day in the United States we approach the unofficial end of summer and beginning of Autumn.  Students will be returning to their schools and here in Massachusetts we will look forward to the leaves turning splendid colors through October.  What comes after that – well, we’ll think about that when it gets here.

In the mean time there are new poems up at Eye On Life for your enjoyment.  Chicago-based Erren Geraud Kelly is a most welcome newcomer to the e-zine and regular contributor Donal Mahoney is back with a new offering called Handyman.  I know you will enjoy their work, so please do stop by.


The Existence Building

August 30, 2012 Leave a comment

On the first floor
Blind and deaf
Full of purpose
I am the rhythm keeper
Changing tempo
When needed

On the second floor
I am the hunter
Spear in hand
To kill an enemy
Or stalk prey
To feed my body

On the third floor
I am the manager
Typing furiously
Recording my thoughts
Plans and expectations
Based on fear and regret

On the fourth floor
I am a living cell
Isolated yet connected
By unseen threads of energy
To every other cell
In a vast body

On the fifth floor
I fade
To a soft white light
And disintegrate
Into particles dispersed
In oneness


New Turns of Phrase

August 9, 2012 Leave a comment

This week at Eye On Life, Donal Mahoney returns with an new look at the idea of matters of the heart and EOL team member Michelle PG Richardson graces us with a turn on the famous phrase “aspect of terror” in her poem titled, “Aspect of Error.”  Michelle has also blessed us with an audio recording that is, well, to die for.

Both poems are examples of real stuff-0f-life poetry that touches on fears and experiences many of us share.  We hope you’ll stop by Eye On Life and have a look.

Next week we’ll feature the poetry of Erren Kelly.  More about her then.

In personal news, it’s been an interesting time for me, reminding me of the ancient Chinese curse, “May you life in interesting times.”  I find the flow of the Universe once again pushing me in new directions.  As often happens in these circumstances, I think, as one is pushed away by ‘circumstances’ from things and people they love, I am having a little separation anxiety and some ego clinging.  Growing pains, I guess.  As advised by the I Ching I will proceed with modesty, introspection, detachment, receptivity and equanimity to the best of my ability.  I have the advantage that I have experienced that simply going with the flow always leads to the best – or at least the most interesting – places.

Oh, yes, and I wrote an article about observations I made concerning grass that grows after a fire.