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Been Worthwhile a While

Sorry to be absent.  I have been busy being a Trustee of the condominium I live in and making music and I’ve had almost no time to even write poetry!  How awful.  But I did write one poem that you can go read if you feel like it.  It’s about who’s a poet and who’s not.

Also Donal Mahoney has gifted Eye On Life with yet another great poem.  Please stop by and have a read.  There is lots of other great stuff to read at Eye On Life Online Magazine, too.

So tonight I rehearsed with the Klezmer band and tomorrow its the blues band.  In the mean time I’m supposed to write a letter for the condo, but guess what?  I’m pretty damned tired, so I am going to bed.  The letter will have to wait.

Yet in this Universe, everything for a reason.  Good luck to us.


Another New Poet and Lots and Lots of Music

This week at Eye On Life we are pleased to host poet and artist Pascale de Comarmond.  Please stop by and read and/or listen to her fine work.

Musically speaking I am in two bands now as well as playing at the synagogue on occasional Friday nights with the Shabbat band there.  Who knew a trombone player could be popular.  I am very very happy, but a little disoriented.  The bands are Klezjam, a Klezmer band, and Unclaimed Freight, an R&B band.

Both bands are actually doing original songs I wrote.  They are:

If you listen to the recordings I should tell you they are mostly trombone with an Apple Garage Band drum track.  But I think for a trombone player I mimic a pretty okay bass.  Kinda.

Rainy Haiku

Geese stand in the rain
Overlooking the river
Sentinels on guard

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Poets are Everywhere

Back after a week off as I recovered from NaPoWriMo – National Poetry Writing Month, 30 poems in 30 days. I just managed to do it. I am proud of my accomplishment as well as those of all who participated.

This week at Eye On Life we have poetry by Ayaz Daryl Nielsen who used to work on oil rigs. There’s a great incubator for poetry – hard work, isolation, unique company.

Also at Eye On Life, an article about videos on the subject of books done by book lovers. Fascinating. Do stop by.

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