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Poetry, Flowers, Rhythm and Blues


The Songs of Peace, Love and Understanding fundraiser was a success, especially musically.   I have a wonderful group of people to make music with at Temple Ohabei Shalom.  Elsewhere the band Unclaimed Freight has two gigs coming up June 8th and 15th.  June 8th we are playing the Catholic Charities Boston Spring Gala event at Blue Hills Country Club, our first experience together playing actual dinner music and actual dance music.  UC is an R&B band, not a GB band, so it will be an expansion for us and I am eager for it.

At the Poetry Locksmith at Eye on Life Online Magazine we have not been idle.  Last week we published poetry by Phillip A. Ellis and this week an entertaining prose and poetry collaboration between myself and frequent contributor Donal Mahoney.  I hope you’ll stop by and have a look.

In the near future I am looking forward to reviving our jazz jam sessions with my Klezjam friends.  I wrote a new piece for the event that I hope will produce a synergistic result.  I will be sure to share any good recordings that come out of it.


Hectic Eclecticism

goundhog3I will certainly breath a happy sigh come Sunday when all this lovely mishigas is past this week, but it will be a sigh of both relief and wistful parting as this fruitful time comes to a close. 

First and foremost this week:  music.  Sunday I rehearsed with the band, Unclaimed Freight, where I am part of the horn section.   Tonight (Thursday) we’ll be going into the studio to record a demo CD.  Tuesday night I rehearsed with members of my synagogue, Temple Ohabei Shalom, for the annual fundraiser coming up Saturday night, May 4th, Songs of Peace, Love and Understanding.  I’ll be in the horn section backing up some of the singers from the temple as well as members of Soulf’ege, a fine Afropolitan band.  

Add into the mix that I am training two new hires at my day job in about 2-1/2 days whereas I usually do one new hire in about 2 weeks.  This is a new experiment in high speed training that I hope works out well.  The two new guys, Tom and Steve, are eager and knowledgeable, and their considerable previous experience in the door hardware industry will serve them well.  They will be working from home and will be supported by coaches chosen from among the other salespeople. 

At the same time at Eye On Life we have new poetry up by Donal Mahoney and Robert Fabre.  Keep an eye out also for new work from Mariam Paracha that will be published over the weekend. 

Whew! It is a wonderful hectic time.  You know, if it was like this all the time I’d be fine with that.  🙂