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Pascale de Comarmond and Donal Mahoney

This week at Eye On Life Online Magazine, an education about “Recycling Fish” from returning poet Pascale de Comarmond and an essay on the birth of a poem called, “Why Did You Write That?” from poet Donal Mahoney who contributes his fine work often.  The essay is about how poems come about – a fascinating topic.  Pascale has graced us with audio recordings of her work as well.  Yes, we feel lucky, and you should, too.


Sensuality, Etc.

This week at Eye On Life we have another poem from Pascale de Comarmond.  This one is called “Happiness unwrapped” and gives us a very sensual experience indeed.  We hope you’ll stop by.

Elsewhere I am thoroughly engaged in two bands.   Tomorrow I am playing a wedding with the Klezmer band and Wednesday I’ll be with the R&B band rehearsing for three gigs already scheduled in June and July.

I am having fun and I hope you are, too.

Oh, and I wrote an article about success.

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