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Mindful Walking

April 13, 2011 Leave a comment

I eat the apple

Experience each bite

sweetness of its juice

Its tender

A leaf unfolds

Intricately veined

Curling tenderly

From the bud

Clouds arrayed

Sky formation


With rails

A stone fence

Mindfully laid

Like a sculpture

At my feet

I walk on gravel

Grass and sand

Each stone, blade and grain

A memory

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I Must Let Go

Everything I love I must let go


Every face must turn away

From love


To know

Beauty must dim

Time must transform

Or there must be a him

No way to keep the night or day

Too many bad bargains

Too many times

Sold my soul

Trying to rise


Takes its toll

Staggering like these rhymes


When you speak

The sound of you tells me

Your love of coffee or cigarettes

Falsely meek

Filled with glee

Or steaming regrets

I intend

Having seen

The nature of the game

And players

To end

Without saying what I mean

Without saying my name

Or prayers

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The Birds Return

Here the Robins come early, their feet skittering across the unaccustomed surface of crusty, aging snowbanks. They look so surprised. Soon after the robins the first cardinals come, then the red winged blackbirds, then the mockingbirds, and so on, and they all begin staking out their territories. After a while the songs change from aggressive warnings to love songs, and from there progress to the many varied songs of spring.

Every day they greet the first rays of dawn with music.

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Happy Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month in the United States. At Eye On Life E-zine we are celebrating with three great poets. The first, Melissa Diana, opens the month with three poems. Please come read.


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Grained Life

Life has a grain

Like burled wood

Growth rings of meaning

Lines in a story

A life of its own



Written over eons

In layers

Dappled with ecstasy and pain

Like leaves bejeweled with droplets of rain

Or sunlight on the forest’s floor of dead leaves

Life embraced by Death

As loss by gain

For the Universe is

As the Universe believes

You can feel the cosmos

With your hand

With your spirit

Taste its sweetness

Like the blood of trees

Sown in wooden sinews

Layered in time

Over and over again

Learning by rote these meanings

Like the scribe bent over his goatskin

With his gleanings

Or the poet over his notebook

Sending out her thoughts like tendrils

Digging deeply as roots

Growing slowly

In layers

With the sweetness

Beating like in our veins

Unhindered by random thoughts in our brains

Breathing in wonder

Breathing out joy

Branching ever eagerly outward

Between yes and no

Until we go

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