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Interesting Juxtapositions

I told a friend pin005-6262013just yesterday that I love interesting juxtapositions.  I love them because they are a strong basis for choice, irony, humor and reflection.  This week at Eye On Life’s Poetry Locksmith we feature two works that comprise such a juxtaposition.  Please stop by and enjoy.

My life often features interesting juxtapositions.  I am an interesting juxtaposition – well, at least to myself 😉  As a Hardware Genius I guide people in hardware selection and repair all day and as a poet and musician I, well, create poetry and music.   This past week I wrote an article about ways to hold doors open (along with a taste of the philosophical aspects of that), played music with Unclaimed Freight (some jazz this time, very nice) and finished off writing a piece of my own.   While putting up this new piece on SoundCloud I rediscovered a piece I had written sometime before called “No I Don’t Miss You” and sent a link off to the rest of Unclaimed Freight.  There is some interest in performing it – a prospect I enjoy very much.

I am enjoying my juxtapositions.  🙂