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Life is change; embrace life. 

Things grow in unexpected places.  It is the way of the Universe.  If one open one’s eyes, one can see this unexpected growth and welcome it, no matter where it is in celebration of life in all its manifestations.

Too Klez For Comfort has grown to become a federation of musicians with the depth to field a viable ensemble for almost any venue at almost any time.  There is more 30’s swing and Latin flavor in the repertoire.  And it performs with more confidence and fluency.   I am honored to play my part.

Unclaimed Freight continues to evolve, all players bringing an influence, pulling the band in various directions within the broad envelope of rhythm and blues and jazz.  The horns add texture and excitement.  Again, I am honored to play my part.

My own garden of music continues to grow as I more deeply explore the use of vocals and lyrics, and beats from cultures less familiar to me.  I expect to have some finished recordings to share by the beginning of 2016.  I have attracted amazing musical friends of all ages and I am honored and blessed to be able to make music with them.

Different, yet the same, I continue, as do you.  I wish you peace and joyful surprise in your times to come.



I have been bandying about the idea of a blues jam but have not settled on a venue.  That it is not unfolding of its own accord is a sign to me that it is probably not the right time.  So I will bide and wait and work on expanding my community of musicians.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

In the mean time I produced this music video about ‘throwing people under the bus.’  It got some laughs and it was fun to make.  :)    I have started work on a new music video that will involve a dancer.  I’m excited about the project.  The theme is basically, ‘we are more than we appear to be.’   The music is well along, but the dancer will need to rehearse her part and then we will need to shoot.

While I continue to feel drawn in different directions musically, I feel myself settling in on producing an mainly instrumental album.  Anyway, that’s where I am right now.  We’ll see where it goes.   As I practice both trombone and voice I hope to improve on both fronts, and since I enjoy these activities I am also, of course, having a great time.

In other news, I wrote this article on field reversing the Adams Rite 4510 Latch if, like me, you suffer from an addiction to door hardware.



Life is change, so if one loves life I guess one must at least tolerate change.  Yet it seems natural to most of us to resist change, maintain the status quo, preserve the past, etc.  One of the significant challenges of life seems to be to avoid clinging to the past.  However, at times, one finds one must choose between the things (and sometimes people) they love and move toward one, leaving the other behind.  This can be a painful process, and it is difficult to know if one’s decision is the correct one – yet often I find that I am left with no choice but to choose.  Either I make the choice or the choice is made on my behalf by the same forces that brought the choice in the first place.

So I have left Eye On Life and I am no longer a poetry editor, only a poet.  So I continue to write my own poetry, but I no longer publish the work of others.  Now my judgments of others’ poetry are freed from the looming and often conflicting influences of such megaliths as free speech vs. my own tastes and values, the common good of the poetic community vs. the good of the magazine.

Eye On Life remains a good and worthwhile magazine.  I hope it will remain a place where good poetry is published as well as a place to read interesting and unique articles.

Most of my poetic energy nowadays is going into song lyrics and I am having a lot of fun with all that.  Generally I am posting works in progress on SoundCloud and more or less finished products on Bandcamp.  I hope you’ll listen to my offerings at either or both.

In the Door Hardware Genius world my role continues to evolve as I become more involved in training other door hardware geniuses and helping to define and streamline processes where I work.  In serving installers and hardware dealers I find that my depth of knowledge remains useful.  I remain grateful for that, and hope it remains so for years to come.

Dread of Winter

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Everything is feeling the severity of what will surely be known here in New England as “the winter of 2015.” We had three (or four? I forget now) consecutive Mondays that featured at least a foot of new snow.   If one did not dread Mondays before, this winter has provided us with yet another reason to do so.  But because we New Englanders are stubborn and ornery, this very weather is one of the reasons we choose to live here.

The weather has put a dent in my rehearsal schedules.  In fact it looks like I will have attended only one rehearsal the entire month of February.   Luckily a gig at a private party with Unclaimed Freight mitigated an otherwise total loss in the live performance department.  I have made myself useful working on my own music to record in the studio sometime in the undefined future.

DHI published another article of mine in Doors and Hardware magazine this month:  “Butcher, Baker, Door Hardware Technician: It Can Take a Village to Fix a Door”, about the eclectic knowledge and cross-trade skills often needed to diagnose and treat today’s door and door hardware issues.   I’ll republish it sometime in March somewhere, I’ll let you know. 

Over at The Poetry Locksmith we continue to enjoy a variety of work by Donal Mahoney, and perennial contributors Carol Hamilton, Samuel Vargo, Christopher Hivner and others have returned with more of their fine work as well.  In addition we welcomed new poetry contributors Genevieve Barrons and Lana Bella.  Please stop by and read these intriguing poets.

Word has it we will soon be accepting works of short fiction as well as poetry.  I’ll let you know about that, too.

May your winter be filled with the Creative.

Winter Quiet

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In the United States, whether you celebrate them or not, the cultural winter holidays tend to be a bit disruptive, yet the craziness of these holidays is juxtaposed with the deep and solemn quiet of winter as it exists in nature.   The cacophony of birdsong gives way to the quiet chirping of chickadees as most species fly south to warmer climes.  Snow blankets the land, muffling all sound.  Walking in the northern forest in the winter, one’s breath seems loud.

Like the migrating birds, many of the musicians with whom I make music become scarce this time of year because they travel or are otherwise busy.   Therefore it is a good opportunity for me to look simultaneously into the depths of my creative soul and my computer’s hard drive for creations put aside for just such a time as this.  Even as some of my usual creative outlets are suppressed I am having fun revisiting old ideas and discovering new ones.

One of the new ones is a tune called “Shorty” in honor of Trombone Shorty.

At Eye On Life meanwhile we continue to be blessed with a steady stream of new poetry, for example, we recently welcomed poet Robert Demaree into the ranks of our contributing poets;  in addition, we are looking forward to publishing more of Donal Mahoney’s work tomorrow, and sometime this week Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois will be returning to The Poetry Locksmith as well.   We are so fortunate to have so many remarkable poetic voices enrich our pages.



Lounge Lizard

December 30, 2014 2 comments



At Eye On Life,  Rosa Farrington’s poem ” #ferguson” created a bit of a stir, attracting some comments.  While our poets attract a fair number of readers, few of the readers comment, so this was new and refreshing.  Over the Christmas holiday Donal Mahoney favored us with some very interesting poems as well, and what the hell I also threw one into the mix for good measure.

A note to poetry submitters to Eye On Life:  please submit only works that have not been published elsewhere.  The first thing I do with a poetry submission is paste the first few lines into a Google search and see what comes up.  If the poem comes up on or whatever, I have to reject it.   This goes for your blog, too.  If it is already on your blog, readers really do not have a reason to read it at Eye On Life.  Okay, enough bitching.  On with the show – or is it one with the show? Hmmmm…

Musically I am continuing to compose and lyricize, and will venture back to the Lizard Lounge with a couple of musicians (to be finalized) from The Rubenoff Project.   Two songs in ten minutes and a chance at performing a third tune in the final round if chosen.  If you’re in the Harvard Square – Porter Square, Cambridge area on Monday, January 19th at around 8:30 pm, please stop by and cheer (or boo).

My second favorite tune from the Lilypad was “You Locator.”  We’ll probably reprise that at the Lizard Lounge.


After The Lilypad

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The Rubenoff Project at The Lilypad in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was an unqualified success in large part because of the support of the Temple Ohabei Shalom community, but also because of the joy with which my fellow musicians performed.  ( If you like you can hear our closing number here.)

The Lilypad was an excellent choice as a venue for our first-ever gig.  Rent is reasonable and their quality recording services allowed us to come away with a useable demo as well as some memories to make us smile.  The people there are friendly and helpful and I recommend them to any group looking for a venue.

With this success behind us we will be looking at learning some new tunes and appearing at a new venue sometime in the not-so-distant future.

In other news, submissions continue steady at The Poetry Locksmith, welcoming new and familiar voices alike.  Be sure to stop by and check out work by Rosa Farrington, Donal Mahoney, Gil Hoy and J.K. Durick.


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