LDR2smallOne dream ends and another begins.  Really, though, it is the same dream, downsized.  Much of what I envisioned may not be possible, but something will be possible.

I am very grateful for all the support I have received, and also for the lessons I’ve learned.   For example, if one will engage in crowdfunding, one should already have a crowd, realistically look at what the crowd may willingly provide by way of funds, and then seek perhaps 60% of this estimate.  My misconception was that I could attract the public with a video plea and some musical excerpts.

Therefore, with broken misconceptions but unbroken resolve, I proceed with a smaller dream.  Instead of “Notes from the Spirit” the reincarnation will be called, “Bare Bone (Songs of Love, Despair and Regret).”  I have collected donations already adequate to create an EP with 3 or 4 songs on it, but not enough yet to produce it.

If you would like to help, please visit my fundraising page at Door Hardware Genius.  Please click here for the page.

In other news, I am blessed to be playing a lot of music these days.  I’ll certainly keep doing that. :)



First, THANK YOU to everyone who made a pledge to my Kickstarter project, “Notes from the Spirit.” :)

While hope remains it is not time to give up.  So here it is.  I must raise $4,800 in additional pledges for my Kickstarter campaign to succeed.   Every pledge is important.  So if you meant to pledge but haven’t yet please do.  If you would otherwise like to pledge, please do.  If you really don’t want to pledge, please do it anyway.   No pledge is too small, and all will be met with joy and gratitude.

Also if you happen to know someone with $5K they are just dying to use to support a struggling artist, by all means let them know about “Notes from the Spirit.”

Thanks again!

The “Notes from the Spirit” Project



The “Notes from the Spirit” Project is to record nine or so of my compositions at Little Dog Studio in 2016, add these pieces to three we have already recorded and produce a piece of art, a lovingly crafted album of original music full of joy and surprise that you will love to hear.

All the right creative ingredients are available.   When the funding is in place I am confident that the project will be a success.  But it won’t go anywhere without you.   I have run the numbers and “Notes from the Spirit” is only possible if it is funded.  This is where you can make a big difference.  We need at least $8,000 to pay for studio time, musicians and production.

Time is also a factor.  It is very fortunate that these uniquely talented individuals and Little Dog Studio are available to do this now.  We need funding now to lock in a recording schedule.  If we do not, this wonderful opportunity will soon fade away.  We need you.  Please help us with your generous contribution. Thank you.

Launch is Successful


My Kickstarter Campaign has been successfully launched and is on schedule toward the goal of raising $8,000 by May 25th, 11 pm Eastern Time.  So far backers have pledged more than 10% of the goal.  I have been working hard to bring attention to the enterprise and I am starting to see it begin to pay off, but more than this, I am having fun.

One of the more enjoyable tasks is going through my catalog of music to work toward final decisions about what I want to record.  It’s fun to listen to recordings and imagine how great they’ll sound in the studio.

You can search Tom Rubenoff Kickstarter to find my campaign.  My video pitch came out pretty good I think, and there are some tunes to listen to and a video of me singing.  That ought to make it worth the trip :p

Continuing with high hopes.  Hope you’ll stop by and maybe pledge support.


Start the Kick

April 26, 2016 Leave a comment

As I continued in pursuit of music, I found outlets and inlets.  There was the recording session with David Sparr at recording facility, “Little Dog Studio,” with Dan Fox and Jeremiah Klarman. We recorded “Fancy Hat” and “Stone Cold Stones.”

There was the duo performance with Eddie Pierce to salvage another goal of the 2015 recording project, getting Eddie out to play.  We performed at the Lizard Lounge Open Mic Monday, performing my tune, “Jack” and a spontaneous jam.

Last Saturday I played in a duo with another guitarist, David Patrick, kicking off the first ever Arts Brookline – Celebrate Music Series as the first act in Hunneman Hall at the Brookline Public Library.  That’s us in the photo above.

Somehow through this process the Project has evolved from “Fancy Hat” to “Notes from the Spirit”, an album I want to create from 12 of my original tunes.  I feel the vortex of influences bringing energies to manifest this dream swirling around me.  I will release the mechanism of realization in the next few days:  the Kickstarter fundraising campaign.

Stay tuned.

Singing Out

January 3, 2016 Leave a comment

MetkfcRoslindale3On January 1st a friend of our insisted I bring my trombone to her brunch, so I did.  I played several standards and some of my own stuff.  I have been called upon to perform solo a few times in my life.  It is a tough gig for a melody instrument, and, I feel, much better suited for piano, guitar or accordion.  But I did my best and was blessed with a 96-year-old former instrumental music teacher as an audience for the first several songs.  She was appreciative and at the end gave me a piece of invaluable advice.

“You have a sweet sound when you play softly,” she said.

Of course I thanked her, and I will remember this advice in my endeavors to come.

On January 12, 2016, I will sing three or more of my original songs at the Boston Singers Showcase open mic at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  If you live in the area and would like to go, here is a link to more information:

This “fifteen minutes of fame” will be my most ambitious vocal performance to date.   My stuff is a little different, I think, than the tunes people usually sing there.  I am thinking this will be an advantage.  I may get a video out of the deal; if I do I’ll surely let you know.

Prior to that I will be recording my new song, “Fancy Hat” at Little Dog Studio in Malden.   I am picking up the pieces here from my defunct studio date that was supposed to have taken place in December but was torpedoed by the drummer’s defection three days before.   I have not found a replacement for my former drummer at this time, so will be working with a cajon player.  I like him and his sound, and it will have the advantage of sounding a little different.  “A little different.”  I’m sensing a them here. :)

I will be taking the name, “Fancy Hat”, for my 2016 project, The Fancy Hat Concert.  I am currently seeking a venue and funding.  I’ll keep you posted as to how I do.   I produced my first concert at The Lilypad in Cambridge on a shoestring but I am looking to accomplish something grander this time around.



December 25, 2015 Leave a comment

Boston002“Hope springs eternal.”

I think that one can arrive at the end of hope, yet usually I find myself drifting into that warm mixture of fantasy and desire:  “hope.”  While pleasant and for the most part harmless, it is important to remember that hope looks to the future.  While we can to some extent influence the future, we cannot truly control outcomes.  They will happen as they will, and not, perhaps, as we envisioned them in our hopes.  Hence the statement, “His hopes were dashed.”  We know this does not mean hyphenated; it means dashed to pieces like a ship on the rocks.  So, logically, no hopes, no dashing.

Because hopes focus on the future, while we are hoping we are missing the present.  Since one’s life can only occur now, this is a loss.  When one spends time hoping they sacrifice moments of their life.  They are not here/now, they are there/then in some place that is not yet and may never be.

My teacher tells me that trust is better than hope and I agree.  “Trust the outcome” is the saying.  It is closely akin to the saying, “The Lord will provide.”  Both express the belief in a benevolent Higher Power, whether one calls that power “God”, “Allah”, “Jesus” or “The Universe.”  I have observed that people who express this belief usually find that their trust becomes truth – that the future that arrives is the best possible outcome, and exactly what the individual needs at the time.

In trusting the outcome we put aside our concern for it and waste no more of the precious present moment thinking of it.  Trust that the best will be and leave it to unfold on its own.

How does that work when we are making something happen?  We schedule the tasks that will lead us to our goal and do them in order, step by step, concentrating on each step as we take it.  Fully present and unburdened of our fear that our efforts will be in vain, the steps themselves become accomplishments and stand alone in our memory as individual and significant successes.  Then in the end, if the outcome is something other than you intended, you may be disappointed, but you still have all of these successes behind you.  You can value the memories of your efforts instead of dismissing them as part of a failure.

I recently experienced this as my plans to record some of my music imploded rather spectacularly a few days before the recording session because of a faithless friend.  Looking back, we made some excellent music in our rehearsal sessions.  Instead of a lack of successful recordings I am instead left with an abundance of ideas and learning.

I will make plans – and I will doubtless have hopes, but I will trust the outcome.  I find that it is really true that the journey is much more important then the destination.  So let’s go. :)


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