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Poem for my Center

March 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Where did you go, loved one
There is a place that is no

When will you come back
Loved one
There is a time that is not

Why did you leave, loved one
There is no word for a thought

I do not want you
Loved one
Here you are


Three Down, One To Go

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Looking for one more poet to fill out Poetry Month. I don’t want any dry weeks. But I know the fourth poet will come. Eye On Life is a poetry magnet 🙂

Recently my boss gave the place a new look. She does great work.

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Poetry Month – U.S.

March 24, 2011 Leave a comment

April is Poetry Month in the United States. At The Poetry Locksmith section of Eye On Life Magazine I have Featured Poets lined up for the first two weeks of April and will be looking for two more to feature in the last two weeks of Poetry Month. It’s shaping up to be a good month for poetry at Eye On Life so I hope you’ll stop by.

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Happy World Poetry Day

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Today, March 21st, 2011, is World Poetry Day. Celebrate by reading poetry from a country other than your own. The world is both small and vast, offering kinship and surprise in humbling variety.

My suggestions for the day:

  • Herta Muller
  • Simin Behbahani Alireza Tarighian
  • Pablo Neruda

I would welcome your suggestions.

If English is your second language, you might start here.

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I’m Glad I’m Not Robert Pinsky

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment

What trouble it would be to be Robert Pinsky
Everywhere you roam, bothered to recite a poem
Even at your poker game, your friends check to see if your work is lame

No, I’m very glad I’m me, and no one reads my poetry
Except my family and friends who feel constrained to pretend,
Apparently. Yes, I’m glad I’m not Robert Pinsky.

If I was Robert Pinsky folks would expect a lot of me.
I am spared the aggravation of people’s expectations
Since my popularity meter is pointing more toward, “Disappointing.”

Robert Pinsky writes great verse, and no one seems averse
To it, indeed his work is admired and by it I am inspired.
But to be him would be no pleasure – I don’t think I could stand the pressure.

Pinsky’s words must all have meaning, while mine can be shallow-seeming;
His images must be compelling, and no one corrects his spelling.
Yes, I am certainly lucky that I am just plain old me.

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Winners Up at Eye On Life

This morning I posted the winners’ poems from the Eye On Life Poetry Contest for 2010-2011. We had some excellent poets competing this year, and so we have some excellent poems.

Please stop by and have a look.

Winners: Eye On Life Poetry Contest

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That Feeling of Accomplishment

The second annual Eye On Life Poetry Contest is over, the votes have been tallied, the prizes sent, and at last the poems – the First, Second, and Third Place Winners and the Honorable Mentions – are ready to publish on Monday. Then those published will have a chance to correct our mistakes, if any, but other than that, it’s done. In the end we have some happy poets and I think we are going to have some happy readers, too. I hope you’ll stop by and read the work of these talented individuals.

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