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January 25, 2011 Leave a comment


Here in my house
I have ripped out the insulation
Kicked out the windows and doors
Pulled off the even numbered clapboards

Daylight streams in
Between the slats
The wind blows through
I sit inside

Cross legged on the floor
Whether the sun heats
Or snow gathers
In the corners

I let it all come in
And let it all go out
All in its own time

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Poetry Contest Deadline Jan. 31

January 23, 2011 Leave a comment

The days remaining to enter the Eye On Life Poetry Contest are quickly disappearing. Entries must be received by midnight, January 31st. Submit entries online or by mail.

One First prize: $100
One Second prize: $50
Two Third Prizes: books of poetry

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Ownership of Time

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Time in the context of a life

So little water in the desert

So little time in a house

Encapsulated in a body

A timepiece ticking away

Heartbeat clocking minutes

A water clock counting diamond droplets

In my house the water would flow

In different directions making music and art

Sharing of water sometimes my idea

Someone to share my water with

That our waters mix and become one

Owned equally by both

On Earth

There has been the same amount of water

Since the beginning of time

In a life there is the same amount of time

From the beginning

Moments like diamonds

Precious and finite

Do not steal them

But give them freely

The ultimate generosity

Time to give

Like water

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Breathing Love

January 13, 2011 2 comments

Love like breath must not be held but released
Into the world where it can be breathed by trees

Release love with each breath to every soul
A world filled up with love should be our goal

It feels bad when you hold your breath too long
Your love restrained inside you just feels wrong

So love, my love, and spare no fear for me
Your joy my joy will forever be

And if, like you I find somebody new
My love for them will join my love for you

Truly like a breath, love cannot be owned
To either breathe or love you must let go

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January 3, 2011 Leave a comment

It doesn’t get any easier. Expectations and hopes are hard to avoid – I mean, if you don’t either hope or expect to be published, why bother submitting, right?

Poetry in a void is unsatisfactory. To an extent I assuage this empty place with self publishing, but it is a bit like auto-sexuality. Not that there is anything wrong with gratifying yourself. It can be an important release. Nevertheless one feels strongly the pull toward some kind of external validation, sometime, someday. Sigh.

Yet the poet must be grateful for an audience of any size. If my friend is interested in reading my poem, I am grateful, even if she is the only person interested in reading my poem. If sometimes at an open reading I can see in someone’s face or hear an “ahh” or a finger snap inspired by my work, how can I feel anything but joy?

Yes, I must keep these rejections in perspective. As an editor, I have to reject some of the submissions I receive. It comes with the territory. I am grateful that I know what rejection feels like. Because I know this feeling, I never reject anyone’s work lightly.