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Feeding the Universe

Between my fingers
I knead
The Universe

Swaddled like a babe
In a little Pyrex manger
It grows as if alive

Contained in hot darkness
Finishes its evolution
Filling the house
With unmistakable
Aromatic evidence

Afterwards it rests
A little as if
Just having given birth

You arrive smiling
At the wonderful smell
As you come in

In the bowl of my hands
I hold a warm
New loaf of bread

With my thumbs I break the crust
Opening it like a book
Fragrant steam rising
From a soft, white interior
Dappled with pockets
That must be filled with love

Inaudibly ripping
I hand half
Tenderly to you

I watch your pleasure
In your face as you take
The first bite

Something intimate
Has passed between us
In the breaking of bread

You leave taking with you
Part of me that nourishes

The Universe

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May 29, 2011 4 comments

I am holding a goose
She beats me with
Her powerful wings
Webbed feet flailing

I fill a pillow
With her feathers
Sometimes in the night
She honks my name

I eat her
Again and again

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Exigency false, I dither, musing
Peripheral space enemy/friend
My waiting acceptance uneasy
Time melts like chocolate in the sun
What am I?  Am I supposed?
My Ghirardelli wristwatch miles long now
I remain peripatetic, nowhere yet somewhere
In proximity someday, clearly you
Apathetic, have priorities that far exceed.
Alliance allegiance I pledge
Yours always always to be mine.
I remain,
Obsolete hands parted far in empty
Atmosphere holding the invisible
All for you.  I tuck you in tenderly
Miles distant in my conscious
Where you, a pearl
For the oyster of my soul

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Refrigerator Magnet

May 28, 2011 7 comments

I am a magnet
On the refrigerator door
Holding a picture of your love

By choice

Surrounded by a cloud of electrons
Some of which belong to you
Others like stray-dog-spirits
Once fed

Nipping at unconscious consciousness
Throughout busy motionless
Days on display

Feeling magnetism decaying
Tenuous temporal hold
Attraction bled

Your thoughts visit
The refrigerator
Every day

When they get food
For your reality
I hold a picture

Over my face
While a pack of wild minutes
Bark and drown

My voice

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Taking Stock the Day Before Thanksgiving 2010

My tears like salty syrup
I quicken
In the morning
With warm water

The decades strip
Away my illusions
A process akin
To being skinned
So dear they seem

When I ride my bicycle
In cooler weather
My eyes water freely
Thinned perhaps
By speed

Feeling freed
From its skin of illusions
My naked soul
Feels no need
To make more

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The Burr and the Rose

May 21, 2011 2 comments

Walking through the fields
Might pick up a burr or two
You can yank them but then
Needly things remain to remind
Better be kind
And gentle
(Not necessarily sentimental)
When coaxing them
Off of you

(Then there are cute burrs
You can’t decide
Whether or not you like
But that is another
Story. )

Similarly in your garden
When fragrant beauty beckons
Your nose
(I reckon)
There might be a few pricks
To suffer before you pick
From the thorns, a rose

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I Create a World

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