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Group Energy

November 19, 2016 Leave a comment

frost04Whenever people get together and align their intentions, their personal energies combine to create a communal energy that is greater than the sum of its parts.  When I meditate with a group with my eyes closed I can feel connectedness between my life essence and that of the other meditators.  Empowered by this connection, I feel I attain a greater depth of relaxation in the group setting as opposed to meditating on my own.

Feeling shared essential energy is not limited to group meditation.  You can feel it at sports events, where it might be called ‘team spirit’; at religious services, where it’s called ‘religious fervor’; or during political campaigns wherein like-minded people witness a leader who expresses views that resonate with their own experience.  This communal energy produces strong and pleasant feelings of belonging.

However, whereas communal energy in group meditation can create a feeling of universal connectedness, not just with the other humans in the room but with all manifestations of the physical existence, communal energy in sporting events, religious services or in support of a political candidate may create a feeling of connectedness only with others who share enthusiasm for their particular sports team, chosen religion or candidate.

We have all seen or heard about violence at sporting events between the fans of opposing teams, and violence between members of different religious faiths has occurred frequently in human history.  Violence between people with opposing political views is also common.  Just as one can begin to identify themselves as belonging to the group, one can begin to recognize those outside the group as inferior, wrong, or perhaps evil, or to to feel that outsiders may deserve misfortune, or punishment, or death.

Of course the other people do not really usually deserve misfortune, or punishment, or death.  Other people usually deserve the same things we do:  happiness, freedom and justice.

I believe a very powerful response to group energy that has been poisoned by anger, blaming, hatred and other negative emotions is to cultivate openness within the self through a daily practice of meditation.  When one learns to find their own inner light it becomes easier to find that light in others.

If you don’t meditate, try it out.  If you already meditate, invite someone to join you.   If you can open your mind and help one other person open theirs you will have made a profound improvement to our world.



Come With Me

August 12, 2011 2 comments

Come with me
On a motionless journey
To nowhere
Let me write you a letter
Without words

Sit in a quiet place
Close your eyes
Breathe in
Breathe out
How good it feels
To breathe

Sit here with me
In our limousine
Your shoulders
Relaxing back
Into the perfectly
Comfortable seat

You know the driver
He is someone you like
Someone you respect
And trust
You are glad he is driving
You feel safe

Feel the motion
See the wide green lawns
Landscaped estates
Bright mansions

You do not care
Where we go
You just enjoy
The ride
Knowing we
Can continue
As long as you like
We ride together
For a long time

When you want
To stop
You simply open your eyes
Now gently
Wiggle your toes

Thank you for joining me
Where I try
To live

I hand you an envelope
You can read my letter