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Singing Out

MetkfcRoslindale3On January 1st a friend of our insisted I bring my trombone to her brunch, so I did.  I played several standards and some of my own stuff.  I have been called upon to perform solo a few times in my life.  It is a tough gig for a melody instrument, and, I feel, much better suited for piano, guitar or accordion.  But I did my best and was blessed with a 96-year-old former instrumental music teacher as an audience for the first several songs.  She was appreciative and at the end gave me a piece of invaluable advice.

“You have a sweet sound when you play softly,” she said.

Of course I thanked her, and I will remember this advice in my endeavors to come.

On January 12, 2016, I will sing three or more of my original songs at the Boston Singers Showcase open mic at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  If you live in the area and would like to go, here is a link to more information:


This “fifteen minutes of fame” will be my most ambitious vocal performance to date.   My stuff is a little different, I think, than the tunes people usually sing there.  I am thinking this will be an advantage.  I may get a video out of the deal; if I do I’ll surely let you know.

Prior to that I will be recording my new song, “Fancy Hat” at Little Dog Studio in Malden.   I am picking up the pieces here from my defunct studio date that was supposed to have taken place in December but was torpedoed by the drummer’s defection three days before.   I have not found a replacement for my former drummer at this time, so will be working with a cajon player.  I like him and his sound, and it will have the advantage of sounding a little different.  “A little different.”  I’m sensing a them here.  🙂

I will be taking the name, “Fancy Hat”, for my 2016 project, The Fancy Hat Concert.  I am currently seeking a venue and funding.  I’ll keep you posted as to how I do.   I produced my first concert at The Lilypad in Cambridge on a shoestring but I am looking to accomplish something grander this time around.


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