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After witnessing the rather explosive collapse of The Rubenoff Project for 2015, and a subsequent scurrying after fragments in futile attempts to salvage something, I am left now to finish out the year reflecting on this failure and what I can learn from it.   This betrayal by a friend could not have been better timed to effect the complete annihilation of all my plans.   I have explored all the possibilities and have found there is no where to turn now.  I must accept defeat and move on.

I must turn my attention to travel plans and other concerns, and I will resume creating poems and songs in a quiet way during my brief snatches of free time.  I hope to perform a duo at an open mic soon.  Perhaps I’ll make some computer renditions of the tunes I would have recorded with my friends.  I’ll keep you posted.

Now that The Project is no more it is time to be on to the next thing; time to heal, and eventually to find a way to rise from this ashes and fly again.

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