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Fall Fading, Winter Rising

longbenchAs the colors fade and the temperature begins its steady descent I feel content and grateful.  I have family, friends, work, music and poetry in my life, and I find that life holds ever new wonders for my amazement.

In poetry at Eye On Life, Donal Mahoney continues his long run of (nearly) weekly submissions and his canon at EOL has grown to be the longest of all our contributors.  Other repeat offenders, like J.K. Durick and Erren Geraud Kelly (just to name a couple) have made EOL more of a community of poets where readers can find both the familiar and the new.  We are blessed to have attracted these wonderful poets.

On the music front I continue to work to publicize the concerts I will be performing in with Too Klez For Comfort, Unclaimed Freight and my own brand new band, The Rubenoff Project.  With the Project I am learning new organizational skills and more about being a leader.  ‘Coincidentally’ (ha) my synagogue has been studying soul attributes through the Mussar tradition, and the section on humility was especially interesting.  I have long believed that one of my primary missions here has been to learn humility.  In the Mussar tradition, humility means taking up one’s rightful space:  no more, no less.  Thinking myself humble I have often taken up less than my rightful space, but now I learn – and this principle is reinforced when I play music with others – that taking up less space than one should is as bad as if not worse than taking more than one’s fair share.  Hmm.  Who woulda thunk?

  1. N
    November 16, 2014 at 9:01 am

    Lovely! I feel connected.
    I want to read a post about coincidence- guide me? I remember I have read it around 🙂

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