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Conscious of the Illusion (and other stuff, too)

south_stationFirst of all, please stop by and check out the winners of the last ever Eye On Life Poetry Contest.   There is some good stuff there.  Now on to “the illusion.”

The biggest shell game is time.   Einstein scratched the surface of the complexities of time, including its elasticity.   Planck gave us a clue about universal connective energy.  Yet if you visualize the immense busyness of our galaxy with its ubiquitous time-bending phenomena and dizzying eddies of matter and energy, realizing that it is just a small part of the universe as we know it, the idea of time as an absolute begins to seem absurd.

Given this inherent absurdity the effects of time become suspect; yet locked into our inexorable march from cradle to grave and subjected to rhythmically alternating light and darkness (day and night) we tend to passively watch as things (including people, i.e. us) wear, sag and age.  Flash a light in your face every five seconds for a couple of years and you’ll go crazy.  That’s why we all are.   Crazy, that is.

Speaking of crazy, I took my music into the studio with some friends and recorded four tunes.  You can hear them at my Soundcloud page.  They came out pretty well, I think.  I think “Crazy As Me” came out the best.   Also at Soundcloud are “More Salsa Please” and “No I Don’t Miss You.”

I have spoken with the band leader of Unclaimed Freight and we have agreed in principal to book a gig at The Lilypad in Cambridge next fall.  The idea is that I’ll do two sets and then they (and me) will do two sets.   I’ll keep you posted on all that.   I am writing new music for the occasion to play with my “old stuff”.  Ha.

Too Klez for Comfort will be performing at St. Peter’s Church at 838 Mass Ave, Central  Sq in Cambridge on May 27th, 7 PM.   Yesterday we performed at a private party at Biogen in Kendall Square, Cambridge.  All in all, the Cambridge thing is working out.

Unclaimed Freight will be performing at the second annual Techjam in Boston on June 12 at Boston City Hall Plaza.  Don’t worry, I’ll mention it again.

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