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Legacy of Trees

round_pond01Walking in the forest

Like a fish swimming

In vast sea of interconnectedness

A Mother’s love

Permeates brand new air

Manufactured for my breathing pleasure

While I slept

Trees have fluidity of gender

Determined by circumstances

Assuming their role as needed

This reminds me

To speak with deference

And humility

To a tree

As a seed you are planted

By luck or design

Bird, squirrel

Or occasional person

In the fecund womb of Earth

Spring sprouts

A twig with a couple of leaves

Dainty lattice of roots

Tenuously clinging

To Mother

You grow

Slender but resilient

Shedding heavy snow

Flexed by wind

And continue to grow

Shedding your lower branches

Lightening your load

As you race toward the sun

Lanky and tall

The sun peeks

Over your shoulder

Down at me

While beneath my feet

Your roots spread

Interlaced with

All your siblings

Children and cousins

The ultimate extended


If you don’t survive

Life might end by surprise

Despite your strength and size

But even if you do survive

You will be caught by time

In its fullness

Eventually you will fall

And sleep like a log

Or stand like a pole

A home for birds

Small animals

And woodpecker food

Your life ends as all life ends

Substance spread

To other life

Ultimately re-absorbed

By your Mother

Here where her flesh is black

With the rich legacy

Of trees

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