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Silence and Poetry

pin003_8152013Poetry is really the opposite of silence.  Poetry is the voice of the open heart, and even when you read the most inaccessible free verse you can hear with your mind’s ear the voice of the poet’s innermost self, if you listen.

I wrote a piece of music called Silence, but I could not stand to listen to myself sing it, so I published an instrumental version.  The words go like this:

Another song … why?  Sing it to the empty sky, the deaf and blind:  another song. 
Sometimes I open my mouth and sing loud and clear, but though people are near no one hears. 
When I sing, it seems that only I can hear, but if you listen you can hear me in the silence.

No one may notice, someday I’ll have gone on my way where nothing matters but energy. 
There may remain a melody and if you listen, maybe you will hear me in the silence.

In other news, Donal Mahoney has been exceedingly prolific this week, gracing Eye On Life with four – count ’em – four poems.  Impressive.  Stop by and enjoy.  Also I published an updated article about delayed egress hardware over on HubPages.

Looking forward to rehearsal this week with Unclaimed Freight and our family vacation at the end of August.  I hope everyone is enjoying a fine summer.

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