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Off the Bucket List

Shye Ben Tzur at Outside the Box, Boston

Shye Ben Tzur at Outside the Box, Boston

Yesterday I finally sang my (ahem) most popular song on SoundCloud, “No I Don’t Miss You” in front of an audience.   Most of Unclaimed Freight was there at a party/student recital given by an excellent vocalist and teacher.  The students were performing mostly original compositions and were backed up by a band comprised of Berklee College of Music students.  They were all amazing singers, not like me.  🙂  So after a while they ran out of material and I just happened to have just enough copies of the C lead sheet for “No I Don’t Miss You” with me.  😀  While it is an easy song to sing, the chord changes are challenging, but these Berklee guys had it down by the second verse and the keyboard player played a burning solo.  I got applause and later a couple came over to me and complimented my performance.   Very nice day for Tom’s ego.  Afterwards I told it ‘good for you, now back in the box.’

It was a challenging day for UC since our regular bass player, one lead singer and the other horn player could not make it to this party.  I tried to hold down the role of the sole horn and part time bass, and Pete and David the guitar players and Tom the drummer all played with their usual poise.  And of course Meredith was great as usual singing lead.

In short it was a good day.

I just finished a new song, “Love I Want To Sing You,” inspired by Shye Ben Tzur’s performance at the Outside The Box festival in Boston.

At Eye On Life last week we published two poems by Donal Mahoney.  Next week we have a returning contributing poet and a new contributor, so stop by often, or stop by here because I’ll always let you know what’s new at EOL.

I’m also working on a Door Hardware Genius article about automatic door openers that I expect to have up this week sometime, if I’m lucky.


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