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In Gratitude for Light

In gratitude for light
Warming with the inference of caress
Not direct expression but a gesture
Almost tender
Unless one remembers
The carelessness
Of radiant generality

One should not take personally
A bomb left in a trash bin
As the warmth of the sun
Falls equally
An IED is indiscriminate
Everyone has an equal chance
Except those deliberately absent

Our calls paralyze the network
Until we find our own
Make sure they are safe
Yes everybody’s fine we
Assure out of town relations

But it is a lie
We are not fine
Someone took some of our limbs
And a few of our lives
To make the anonymous political statement
That we are not safe

But this is not news
And we did not need it told us this way

Today I bask in the universal warmth
Knowing it does not judge
But shines on everyone
No matter what they’ve done
And I dream of a time not yet come
Of the warmth of peace and freedom
The light of gratitude

Reflections on the bombing of the Boston Marathon, Boston, Massachusetts, April 15th, 2013


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