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pin4201302Change is life.  Embrace life.

Currently I am experiencing rapid changes.  I am grateful.  It means I am certainly alive.  But one significant change is the amount of time I can spend online, which has been greatly reduced.  Still, although I have been busy in the ‘real’ world I have not be idle in the virtual.

As one might suspect from my last post the winners of the annual Eye On Life Poetry Contest have been posted, and since then other fine poetry has found a home at Eye On Life as well.  So I hope you’ll stop by The Poetry Locksmith and check it all out.

I also published a brief article about the Golden Rule if you would like to read it.

My music has been all off line so I have nothing to share at this time, but I have lots and lots of ideas.  🙂  Also my offline music has been most rewarding as the band in which I am a member, “Unclaimed Freight”, has been gigging more.  I am experiencing growth as a simple trombone player working with a trumpet player to enhance rhythm and vocals.   Sometimes we produce a fine synergy.

Anyway I just want to stop by, kind of sheepish about not being around as much as perhaps I should.  So thanks for stopping by.  I’ll be back when I have new things to share.

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