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Home By Myself Publishing Poetry

This week at The Poetry Locksmith we are featuring the work of Nina Sokol – a poet new to Eye On Life.  She begins with the poem, Everything on Earth Pulls You, that is an expression of her fascination with the comparative gravity of Earth (vs. other planets) and its effects on us.

All you poets, be sure to enter the fourth annual Eye On Life Poetry Contest – First Prize $100, Second Prize $50 and a couple of Third Prize books of poetry to be awarded to the talented winners.  Check out last year’s winners, Peggy Trojan, Jim Davis, Amye Nicole Bird and Olivia Arieti if you would like to be inspired or scared away, whatever.

In other news, as promised, I have recorded my new song, Home By Myself, for your listening, uh, pleasure.  I do a passable job at the vocals I hope you’ll agree, and avoid sounding too too bad on the trombone solo.  While in retrospect transposing the piece one step up may have had a salutary effect, minimizing the weakness of my lower vocal range, still the piece is written in the voice of a stupid old man, so perhaps it is the truest to itself as is.   Also, I loathe retakes.  My next goal is to assemble a group of musicians to do at least an instrumental version live someplace.  That would be fun.

The Klezmer Band that I play with, Klezjam, will be playing at the “Klezmer Konquest Hanukkah Concert” at the JCC in Worcester, Massachusetts on December 2nd, 2012.  Admission is free.  We play a killer hora set so come and work up a sweat with us.  Will see who has to sit down first, eh?

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