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I think Thanksgiving is called Thanksgiving instead of Givingthanks because of its age.   In conversation today, except when actually discussing the holiday, one would not generally say, “It is a time of Thanksgiving,” but rather, “It is time to give thanks.”  The technical writer who is still struggling to get out of me says that the latter has the advantage of clarity while the poet who will simply not remain stuck anywhere inside me says that the former has the intriguing feature of combining a noun and a verb to create a noun and in addition has an attractive dah-di-dah rhythm as opposed to the not quite-as-attractive di-di-dah rhytm of Givingthanks.  All things considered, I think we’ll stick with “Thanksgiving,” shan’t we?

Now that that’s decided, we can move on to present pressing matters.  This week at the Poetry Locksmith we have unlocked some new poetry by Carol Hamilton, and Donal Mahoney returns with another new poem, too.   All of the poems, as I mention in my introduction to Carol’s work, reference (sometimes inadvertently) some aspect of the coming holiday season from Thanksgiving extending out past New Year’s Day. 

In other news, I have finished arranging my new song, “Home By Myself” and expect to have it available for your listening – well, if not pleasure than at least amusement – by next week.  It’s the first classic swing arrangement I’ve ever done, despite my love of the genre.  My apologies to Michael Buble in advance.   Meanwhile our band, Klezjam, is gearing up for the latest Klezmer Battle of the Bands in Worcester (wuh-stah), Massachusetts coming up in December.  I’m doing a little arranging for that, too. 

Fun and more fun.

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