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The Elasticity of Moments

Some moments last longer than others and the same is true of minutes, hours, days, etc.   Here half a month has gone by and I have been remiss in my postings hereabouts.  My apologies, but as I said before, I have been busy.

Meanwhile at Eye On Life I have announced the upcoming Eye On Life Poetry Contest.  This will be the fourth annual iteration of this particular event and I hope to see several new faces.  But I’ll do more huckstering later.

For now I’d just like to say that I have a new episode of The Unlicensed Poet up at The Poetry Locksmith and new poems will be up shortly at Poetry Unlocked.  Also I am finishing a new song that will be available for your listening pleasure sometime this month.

So please bear with me.   It is as if time is a speeding car and I am clinging to the roof.  Shortly, however, I will make my way back into the passenger’s seat where I belong.

I call shotgun.

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