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The Solace of Nature

Mother Nature isn’t always the kindest mom.  But if you get past the biting, stinging insects and poison ivy, you will see just how beautiful She is.  Seriously, it’s all a matter of what one is accustomed to.  Most of us spend about 98% of our time indoors.  If we spent 98% of our time outdoors we’d barely notice something as insignificant as a fly buzzing around our head.

Hence the illusion of man as separate from nature.  Sure, we separate ourselves with things that we fabricate – clothes, houses, vehicles – yet where do we come from?  Our biological functions are perhaps identical to those of other mammals, especially primates.  Our body is an animal body.  It needs the same things animals need.

Just as you can train most animals to be at home in your house, you can train yourself to be at home outdoors.  Not that you have to actually live outdoors, but you should make it a point to spend some time in a wild place now and again and get in touch with your inner animal.   You may be surprised by what you reveal to yourself.

Personally I love wetlands.  I love to see the sky reflected in the open water and the cacophony of colors that grow wild along the shores and among the reeds.  I love frogs and turtles, beavers and muskrats, and especially dragonflies.

I visited a wetland today:  Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Norfolk, Massachusetts, United States.  I liked it.

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