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Pizza, Poetry and Music

This week at Eye On Life we have Pascale de Comarmond with a new Haiku, complete with a recorded reading.  Overcome with inspiration after dinner, I wrote a poem in honor of pizza, then the next day I wrote an article about keys.  There is really no end to what can be written about locks, keys and door hardware, I am discovering.  Pizza, too.

So I wrote some songs and uploaded them to Soundcloud, and each of the two bands I am in was going to perform one of them, but I guess it was just not to be.  The first one, “No I Don’t Miss You” was deemed (correctly, I think) inappropriate for the wedding at which we would have performed it, and the second one, “El Motivo Loco”, I think maybe neither of the singers want to sing it, or by some consensus to which I am not a party it was rejected for other reasons, perhaps because it is a bit outside the styles of music we currently play.

Both bands seemed to enjoy rehearsing my work, so I’ll write more music and post it on Soundcloud.  Perhaps some band someday will be interested in performing it.

I greatly enjoy performing with both bands, but it is very time consuming and there are many other things I want to do.  Yet it is a wonderful thing to have too much to do of the activities you love, so I am very, very grateful.  And I really, really like pizza.

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