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Swoop and swerve
Round the curves
Force and energy
Friction and synergy
Harder faster
Tempting disaster
Here to there
Over land or sea
Through water or air
Fly with me
Glide and ride
Slip and slide
Lean into the turns
Into the straightaway
Up the mountain
Down the valley
Around the fountain
Up your alley
Look at her
She’s just a blur
Look at that guy
Zooming by
Velocity gained
Mach one attained
Extreme speed excites
Skin stretched tight
By gravities
Known as G’s
Like a runaway jet
Out of control spinning
Some invisible race winning
See how fast can you get
Before you crash
Shattered glass
Road rash
But you come back to sense
You don’t hit the fence
Put on the brakes
While your hands shake
Slowing down
Slowing down
You ease into town
Nonchalant pass the cop
Pull over in a parking lot
Coast out back under the trees
In the shady breeze
That cools your sweat
Shut off the engine
And all is silent
But the pounding
Of your heart

This would be poem 24 of 30 for NaPoWriMo.

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