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A Few Miles Away from America’s Technology Highway

Tucked away a few miles off

America’s Technology Highway

Communities of Carlisle, Bedford and Billerica

Somnolent with quiet affluence of farms

Some kept for recreation, livestock kept

Perhaps the young cattle that regarded us

With stolid bovine interest through barbed wire

I wondered are they food or pets

As we are were tucked into our Spandex

To ride our fancy bicycles on these roads

These smooth, well-off roads in and out

Of state parks, horse or cow farms

A wide variety of homes modest and ornate

Sparkling fire trucks and dairy tankers

Countryside dotted with ice cream stands

And many, many others like us on bicycles

Flew past us as we rested, laughing

At a rooster who crowed at us again and again

From his perch in a large cage in the big front yard

Dotted with bright plastic toys, a small house

And a pickup truck in the drive

You’d never know that a few miles away

The dull roar of traffic night and day

On America’s Technology Highway

Poem 11 of 30 for NaPoWriMo 2012
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