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Mass recognition, AKA fame 
Destination or accidental
Exponential growth
Of something otherwise natural
To be known by others
To attract attention
An inborn need
Hardwired survival prerequisite
As the newborn kitten must compete
For its place at a teat
Or as we
For a Bruce Springsteen seat  

Fame is necessary
For some perceived successes
Often resulting in excesses
Rock star, screen or TV actor
Renowned artist or race car driver
Poet laureate or virtuoso musician
Comedian, magician or politician
Clothes horse or captain of industry
Or even lucky wealthy idiot
Notoriety attains its own status
Becomes a critical-social-mass entity 
With its own well of gravity
The event horizon of celebrity

Infinite eyes seeking
Infinite mouths praising
Infinite brains imagining
Infinite hearts loving
Infinite minds claiming
The Image

Celebrity feeds on fame
Always seeking more
Recognition for the name
Of its host 
The segregated celebrated
On constant display
A scarcity of privacy
Becomes their way
Easy to feel like hunted prey

Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland
John Lennon, George Harrison
Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan
Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston
Some by their own hands met fate
Some by others, like Sharon Tate

Automatic smiling
White teeth shining 
Machined to perfection
Every move
Massive privilege and obscene wealth
Between addictions and sordid scenes
Alien lifestyles we don’t understand
Though they are only woman or man
Temptation is great to see them as “other”
Instead of sister or brother
Elevated by a mass illusion
In the public mind

If you succeed
In meeting a celebrity
With innocence
Ignoring their vulnerability
And your preconceptions 
You may be surprised
To find


 Poem 10 of 30 for NaPoWriMo 2012
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