Today I posted on Facebook a quote from Bashar that bounced into my inbox via Alan Cohen’s daily inspirational email.  The quote was:

“If you are capable of perceiving it, you are capable of living it.”

Right away one of my FB  acquaintances chimed in, saying that was all well and good as long as the perception was not ‘faulty.’  A good friend replied, saying that the proof of a perception is often in the attempt to live it.  Well, this sparked a rather lengthy exchange for one of my attention span, partially fueled by my own observations about the uniqueness of individual perception and the likelihood that one person’s universal truth might easily and quite rightly be another’s balderdash.   Yes, I can be a troublemaker.

Anyway, the discussion made me think of my poem about light and so I published it today, my sixth of thirty I intend to write as part of NaPoWriMo.

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