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Contest Winners Posted at Eye On Life

One month before “Poetry Month” we are here to celebrate poetry.  Poetry Month?  Every month is poetry month.

Click here for the Eye On Life Contest Winners Feature Article 

“Judging poetry is similar to writing a restaurant review: completely subjective, but based on experiences. You either like the food or you don’t, yet your palate is informed by its history. Have you eaten Spam and peanut butter your whole life? The restaurant food may seem rich, exotic, undecipherable. Have you dined on your private chef’s creations for years? Then the restaurant’s fare might seem pallid, boring, pedestrian by comparison. Reading poetry is the same. Anyone who feels writing in him or her should read a lot, every book of poetry on the library shelf, even if quickly at first, to see the variety of forms and methods of using language to paint pictures, tell stories, or present messages. Once he finds something that strikes a chord, he should read slowly and carefully and notice how the poet chose words and shapes to form his art. Poetry is a a delicate, serious, creative and demanding art, which takes practice. Keep writing.”

The above was one of the responses I received in response to my request to the contest judges about the experience of judging.  I believe the passion and precision in this statement epitomizes the quality of the judging of this contest.  To enter this contest is to give yourself, as a poet, the opportunity to have people who love and value poetry judge your work.

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