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Wild as Flowers

Wildflowers along my path glad and bright –
Blooms both aggressive and delicate
Arrayed in a colorful riot
At my feet. Temporarily yet
Recalled when come less joyful times
My poor ego deprived its rhymes.

Wildflowers filling a sun-washed day
While time seems almost irrelevant
But for the sun’s habitual traversing the sky,
Reminiscent of all routines:
Blood coursing through
Veins from heart to sole and back to heart;
inhaling air, exhaling CO2;
And those imitative dancers: Science, Art.

Yet each heartbeat, each brushstroke and breath
Individuates itself, makes plain
Life’s measurable, finite breadth
Whether spent in pleasure or pain.
Wildflowers’ joyful sojourn swiftly ends
Next year to begin again.

But next year’s flowers are this year’s seeds,
Orphaned progeny cast thoughtlessly
To fulfill their own survival needs.
No mother flower or father bee
Watches over, loves or protects
Yet they proliferate abundantly
When needs of sun, earth and rain are met.
Self sufficiently they grow and thrive
Seeming glad to be alive.

Lend me your wild colors and single-minded growth.
May “Live as free as wildflowers” be my motto and my oath.

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