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Third Annual Eye On Life Poetry Contest

Over at the magazine we are having our third annual poetry contest.  The entry fee is cheap:  an American buck, payable online by PayPal or through your favorite debit or credit card.  Last year we had forty-four entries I think.  I am expecting around a hundred this year, if growth continues proportionately to the past two years.

Since this is still a young contest, a poet’s odds are pretty good for winning the first prize, $100 American, second prize $50, or one of two third prizes, a book of poetry.  All winners of course are published at Eye On Life Online Magazine, along with honorable mentions.

In addition to poet entrants to the contest, I am interested in judges and prizes.  I need help judging.  You don’t have to know anything.  I’ll tell you what to do.  You’ll be anonymous.  It won’t be too, too much work, I promise.  Also if you happen to own a bookstore or other establishment that offers retail goods to the general publick, you might consider contributing a prize in exchange for shameless promotion.  It’s the Capitalist way.

By the way, Frank De Canio is Featured Poet this week, so whether you’re inclined to enter the poetry contest or not, please stop by and enjoy Frank’s latest poems.  They’re good stuff.

Thank you.

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