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Closet Friend

By far my most reliable companion,
Loyal, devoted lover, always there
To keep me from loneliness, never gone,
Always interested, with you I share
This life. I, the package behind this face,
Seemingly so easily overlooked, yet
You notice, you care in your silent way,
Warming my chill from within. I accept
Your infinite love for me and love you,
Too. True, you cannot watch my stuff for me
While I read poetry, misconstrue
My meanings, understand my fantasies
Or even tell a joke; no harmony
Will you create to match my melody.
Far more than anyone you value me,
And unlike anyone, with certainty
I know that with me you will always be.
I am quite often yours exclusively,
Though never are you jealous, my friend.
Solitude, our friendship will never end.

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