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Cycling the Dawn City

At dawn most of the city is indoors, asleep or just beginning that morning routine.  I’ve already meditated if there was time after coffee (one must have their priorities) and I am on my bicycle, headed for the commuter train.  There is plenty of time as I ride these nearly deserted streets.  I stop momentarily at a stop light to check, but there is not even the remotest hint of a car coming, so I go.  Nearly deserted, I said, because as I pass there are people cutting the strings on bales of morning newspapers.  Some people are walking to work already and I do encounter a car or two.  There are also delivery trucks, and the workers are arriving at their construction sites, lunch box in hand.

But for the most part there is only me and the street lights and the sound of my tires as the sun’s first gentle light is absorbed by the sky.  Sounds and colors are muted as the city stretches and begins to wake.  It is like cycling through another world or dimension, sparsely populated, pensive and relaxed.  Dawn in the city is a thoughtful and gentle time of day, with a lot of room for a guy on a bicycle like me.

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