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Inside, I am changed
I am wet
I have a new name

Washing over me
There is taken and given
And I am changed again

Above I have a new name
Below, beside, without, renamed
Though never truly without
For you are always there
Even in the air

My identity determined by proximity
To you

Giver and sustainer
Taker and slayer
Life lives in you as you in it

The illusion of our separateness:
You are most of me

I feel you on the surface
And beneath
Cool or warm
Sometimes inviting
Sometimes not

Always in motion, changing

I am always here except
For the part you’ve taken
Sifted in your currents
Worn as a skin

Sculpted by your ins and outs
These coves and beaches
Myriad stones
Shells of creatures
Your gifts like scars
I wear with savage pride
Rocked like an infant
In the cradle of your tide

Click here to hear.  

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