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In your aquarium you glide so gracefully
Often hiding inside the sunken castle
Behind the pirate ship or the big rock
Or some damn place out of sight

Sometimes, though, you come out
Wave your pretty tail in my face
Undulating your jeweled body
Swiveling your lidless eye at me

I sprinkle the surface with verse
You consume eagerly
Maybe even greedily
With a little splash and thrash

You regard me for a moment after
Eyes swiveling to take me in
Then dart away again
Back to your hiding places

Once in a while you jump up
Capture me in a bubble
Abduct me into your world
As an encapsulated guest

You show me a couple of rocks
I sense they are part of a greater meaning
One is blue and one is green
But that’s all I ever know

The bubble pops and I find myself
On the floor in a puddle
My head in a muddle
And you once again in hiding


Click here to hear.  

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