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The Wordless Stars and the Empty Sky

As the light fades to golden, the daily gift

Of dusk that gently ends a sunny day

Gilds everything with a nostalgic glow

Of satisfied.

The blue sky gives way

Slowly, in a reluctant letting-go

As if parting with its beloved

With a slight ripping of the heart

To know true darkness.

For in the absence of the sun

The day ceases its existence.

Only elsewhere is it day anymore.

The sky, bereft its solar glow

Waits while only distant stars

And the remembrance candle moon

Mitigate what otherwise would be isolation.

Anything but a sky might feel desperation.

For, though fair, celestial beauties spare no heat

For the far removed and incomplete.

Releasing the hand of my beloved

I watch the light slowly fade from these illusions

Leaving them as transparent as I

Walking these empty ways, seeking

In vain the warmth I dreamt.

Twinkling in perception’s vaulted dark

Unreachable bright pin points mark

A fake sky where sadness clung and passion burned

And the world made every appearance that it turned.

Content in mysteries, I’ll not ask why

From the wordless stars and empty sky.


— Click here to hear.  

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