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Pondering the Leap

Upon the ledge, the little poet at once young

Ponders the trusted universe

And love songs by poets sung

In forgotten meter and tender verse

Professing love with variables;

Bearing gifts: ethereal and tangible,

Comforts and attentions.

On a horse nearby, a second poet mentions,

“All love is good.”

The little poet, something about wood.

As three time zones exact tolls

From her own ledge a poet trusts the universe

While burning images onto souls

And composing searing passionate verse.

She accepts selectively gifts of the poet on the horse

And the little poet who stands, ledge crumbling

Beneath his feet, manufacturing balance before

A leap that could prove humbling.

Shortly the window may be gone.

The universe may move on.

Yet if the leap be made too soon

The the poet will likely miss the moon.

If only the famous cow would happen by

Leaping fantastic into the sky

Udder dangling like a great latex glove.

The poets wonder, “What is love?”

A great chunk breaks off each of the ledges,

Nudging them even nearer their edges.

Decide the poets must.

Time the universe to trust?

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