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Kikipotamus leads, I follow.

The ABC’s of me.

  • A is for Actual, real, now
  • B is for Bicycle that I love to ride
  • C is for Children:  I have three
  • D is for Donna, my spouse
  • E is for Exercise
  • F is for Flame
  • G is for Girls, two of my children are
  • H is for Humor
  • I is for Intellectualism
  • J is for Jazz
  • K is for Kitchen, where I like to cook
  • L is for Love
  • M is for Music
  • N is for Nonsense
  • O is for Outsider
  • P is for Poetry
  • Q is for Queen of the house (see Donna under “D”)
  • R is for Record, as in vinyl
  • S is for Sisters, I had two, one left
  • T is for Trombone, my instrument
  • U is for Upper Peninsula, strange place I have visited
  • V is for Visitor, that I am to this reality
  • W is for Wisconsin, where I am from
  • X marks the spot
  • Y is for You whom I am interested in
  • Z is for Zzzzzz – I can sleep anywhere
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