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Feeding the Universe

Between my fingers
I knead
The Universe

Swaddled like a babe
In a little Pyrex manger
It grows as if alive

Contained in hot darkness
Finishes its evolution
Filling the house
With unmistakable
Aromatic evidence

Afterwards it rests
A little as if
Just having given birth

You arrive smiling
At the wonderful smell
As you come in

In the bowl of my hands
I hold a warm
New loaf of bread

With my thumbs I break the crust
Opening it like a book
Fragrant steam rising
From a soft, white interior
Dappled with pockets
That must be filled with love

Inaudibly ripping
I hand half
Tenderly to you

I watch your pleasure
In your face as you take
The first bite

Something intimate
Has passed between us
In the breaking of bread

You leave taking with you
Part of me that nourishes

The Universe

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