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I’m Glad I’m Not Robert Pinsky

What trouble it would be to be Robert Pinsky
Everywhere you roam, bothered to recite a poem
Even at your poker game, your friends check to see if your work is lame

No, I’m very glad I’m me, and no one reads my poetry
Except my family and friends who feel constrained to pretend,
Apparently. Yes, I’m glad I’m not Robert Pinsky.

If I was Robert Pinsky folks would expect a lot of me.
I am spared the aggravation of people’s expectations
Since my popularity meter is pointing more toward, “Disappointing.”

Robert Pinsky writes great verse, and no one seems averse
To it, indeed his work is admired and by it I am inspired.
But to be him would be no pleasure – I don’t think I could stand the pressure.

Pinsky’s words must all have meaning, while mine can be shallow-seeming;
His images must be compelling, and no one corrects his spelling.
Yes, I am certainly lucky that I am just plain old me.

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