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Finite Mortality

As it turned out I did not have all that much to say about Ric Amante’s new book, “Digging In, because it is a really good book of really good poems.  I can’t even bitch about the price at $12.95 American.

But then, since my sister passed away last week I have been a bit at a loss for words.  I’m sure you’ll understand.  I wrote a poem for her that I will post somewhere and I’ll let you know where it is.

So I am here with my thoughts of mortality, the preciousness of each moment, the people we are forced to go on without, and other things.  If I have an amazing insight I will be sure to share.

But I am sharing very little now, I see.  Thank you, therefore, for your patience.  I will try to bring you something lovely when I am more able.

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