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Katy Perry at Starbucks

Waiting in line at Starbucks I see a CD for sale, Katy Perry on the cover apparently rolling in pink Fiberglas insulation.  Guess she’s after the Pink Panther’s job.  Wait, is he doing that anymore?  Anyway, if it were me, I’d hire her.  Just looking at her displayed like an appetizer at a sorority buffet makes me want to insulate my attic right now.  Yes it does.












Image borrowed from http://www.chrismannmusic.com/tag/katy-perry/

Not sure it belongs to him, either.  Apologies to all involved.

I was there to get coffee that I didn’t really want and change for my teenage daughter to go ice skating, an extension of the aborted mission for same in which my intention was truly in discord with that of the universe, given the multiple redundant obstacles I encountered.  The only logical conclusion was that I was meant to go to Starbucks and see this CD cover.

My image search indicated to me that Katy seems to be really enjoying her pop star role.  I probably have heard something by her, “I Kissed A Girl” or some such, through my teenage daughter’s door as I walked by.  She doesn’t seem to be a very good role model, but neither was Jimi Hendrix.  So, rock on, Katy.

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