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Imagine Thought

Imagine thought

Creative sensation

Imagine imagined

All you have



As a group imagining

Civilization earth and nature

Agreement inherent

Individuals sprung from One

Do you think that’s your hand?

Do you think…

Trees exhale oxygen

Your body happily breathes

Your brain supplied

Enjoys all by design

Think thought

All you have



Science art and common sense


Disparate individuals

Concluding in concert

Finishing each others sentences

Simultaneous thought

As all thought

Sprung from One


All you have


Creation creativity

All the things you sense

Insects toys mountains buildings water tools sky people cars trees

Sensory sensing

As all sensation

Sprung from One

One with many names

Still One

Imagine thought

Creative sensation

All One



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  1. November 29, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Oh, nice. I especially like the reference to trees breathing out oxygen. What a great image to remind us that we are all part of one larger system. We could almost consider it an organism.

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